6 miles (13:07)


jeez, I hate the cold. I wore as many layers as I could, taking on the image of the little brother in “a christmas story.” Polypro base layer, heavy shirt, marmot jacket, wool cap, gloves. I even wore the tights to give the legs a layer. And socks, dear god in heaven I resorted to socks. But it wasn’t enough. The wind was blowing today, about 15 mph. It seems to go right through whatever you’re wearing. That biting, frostbite, my nose is a goner kind of a run. I was on the magic fountain course (6 miles, 13:07), so the tailwind miles were bearable. But every time I’d make the turn, that arctic chill would come barreling down. Did I ever mention I HATE the cold? If I wanted to run in this stuff I would’ve stayed in Minnesota. I thought Tejas was supposed to be warm. And in July? Global warming my ass. I couldn’t feel my extremities, which is probably for the best, because people give you funny looks when you start feeling your extremities in public. Wunderground had the wind chill at 108, but it felt way colder than that. Must be the south wind coming in over the water. Oh, well. What else can you do? Shut up and run. Endure. Miles is miles. And they say it’s going to start warming up soon, so just hang on. What doesn’t kill us …



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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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