4 miles (beenee weenee run)

one of these days i’m gonna stop saying one of these days. — the prophet sobule

Life is a series of spectacularly bad ideas. One of those was the National Beans and Franks Day Memorial Beanee Weenee 4 Mile Run & Hurl.

The idea was to start the clock, then eat a can of beanee weenees, run a mile, and repeat four times. Which seems easy on paper. But I’m left handed.

I guess it went OK in a please kill me now sort of way. Official pace was 14:37 miles, but that included weenee stops. Running splits were 11:32, 12:00, 12:23 and 12:41, which I thought were pretty fast given I was full of beans. I didn’t throw up and I didn’t get arrested for having a beer on a high school campus, so it was a fine day. Although I miss the pinyata. Time to start training for next July 13 …


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