3 miles (12:43)

 Here I am holding on to childhood’s dream
Sitting in my apple tree
Swaying as the branches tremble under me
— the prophet sobule

I’m out on the Magic Fountain course with jill sobule on a summer afternoon for 3 miles (12:43). First day of a week of vacation with nothing particular planned. I’m running along next to the Gulf of Mexico, that sort of easy-pace run where the miles just pass by like tourists on a pedal car. Coincidentally, tourists on a pedal car are passing by like an easy-pace run. As I watch a pelican dive in a perfectly vertical line to say hello to an unsuspecting fish, it strikes me. This is a pretty good life. I’m glad I held on to childhood’s dream. I would have made a lousy adult. And I love this view from the apple tree …



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