It’s sort of funny when you look back at it. I was up all night watching pals running Western States, which caused me to wake up crazy late. I was working the early shift today (3 p.m. start), so I skipped the run to make sure I got to work on time. Upon arriving at work, I discovered the computer system had taken a personal day off. Someone in Papau New Guinea spent the next five hours coaxing it off the beach. So I effectively skipped my run so I could spend five hours assuring two idiots that yes, indeed, we have noticed the newspaper industry is in trouble and oh, we need to adapt to the new technology? thank you very much. And then I read about the 70-year-old woman who finished Western States with four seconds to spare. Think about that. Four seconds. How many little things over the course of 100 miles and 30 hours. Bend over to adjust a shoe lace. Stop for an Oreo. Stretch the legs. Four seconds, four seconds, four seconds. Uterus falls out. Four seconds.  And at 70? I can’t imagine running on to that high school track, looking up at the clock and knowing you did it. I can’t imagine a happier feeling. Except for turning 1 year old and getting to eat as much blue icing as you want without getting in trouble. But not a blue popsicle. That would just be wrong.


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