6 miles (12:38)

I’m shuffling along in the early afternoon heat. It’s 86 with an 81 dew point, that zone where your body’s air conditioner takes the day off and your skull becomes a crock-pot for your brain. I’m almost through with 6 miles (12:38) on the jesus etc. course. My feet are happy because I gave up on the experiment and am running with Anton Figg. But I’m doing the heat stroke mambo. Surfing Jesus waves at me after the first loop. Selena does the cha-cha. I console myself with the knowledge that I’m the only person out here dumb enough to be running. And then. I see the shadow coming up on my left. He comes sailing past me. He’s wearing a hoodie sweatshirt. heavy sweatpants. He has these amazing dreadlocks blowing in the breeze. He floats by effortlessly and eventually fades away in the horizon. I’m almost certain he was real.  No idea how he does it. What is the key to running? Is it becoming acclimated? Is it all in the mind? Willpower? Conditioning? Maybe I just need to get tougher.

Nah. I just need to get dreadlocks.


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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