4 miles (14:56)

Shoes are like friends. (I would preface this by admitting I’ve never actually had  a friend. But I listen to Ira Glass a lot, and that must count for something.) You meet. you hang out for a while, you drift apart. A few make a special connection and never go away. But mostly, they end up in your box of memories. Or your box of shoes. Over time, you forget why things didn’t work out. Which brings us to the Great Shoebox Tryout of 2015. My left knee has gone wonky. It is likely one of two things. Either my cartilage has completely worn out and I’m rubbing bone against bone, or I just need to find Magic Shoes in the discard box. Clearly, I’m thinking it’s the latter. Thus, the experiment. Yesterday I ran in the Skechers Ultras. I remember liking them a lot when we first met. So what went wrong? We went out yesterday and they felt great. Nine miles with just one nagging little pain. When I took off the shoe afterward, I discovered a hole in the top of my foot. Oh, that’s right. There’s a seam there that rubs. Can’t be cut out or sanded down, so the shoe is essentially worthless. Today, i whipped out the Hoka Mafate 2. I remember having high hopes for these guys. Running on a cloud! No more knee pain! Trail running dream! But after a mile, i felt my ITB and remembered. These shoes are deadly for my ITBs. And they’re just way too mushy. And they rubbed a hole in my right achilles tendon. Plus they really DO make me look like a rodeo clown. I strolled through 4 (14:56) on the new Jesus H. Jackalope course and gave up. Tomorrow … beats me. Maybe I’ll just start pulling shoes out blindfolded. Or maybe there’s some spare cartilage at the bottom of the box. Or maybe I’ll just become a competitive Ira Glass listener …


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