5 miles (14:33)

It was another crappy day, 5 miles (14:33). I dodged a guy playing bagpipes on the course a couple of times (no idea if it was related to International Surfing Day), totally clocked a kid who zigged when I zagged, communed with the Ramones and just struggled to stay sub-15. And naturally, the Ramones made me think of the Beach Boys. When I was a kid, the Beach Boys were my first musical love. It made perfect sense that an 8-year-old in the West Texas desert would sit next to his prickly pear and sing LET’S GO SURFING NOW EVERYBODY’S LEARNING HOW COME ON A SAFARI WITH ME. I never learned to surf. Although in my defense, neither did they, except for one guy who ended up drowning. And now all these years later, I’m living next to the ocean and drinking a Prickly Pear. Except West Texas had more waves than the bay here. It’s always something.



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