4 miles (12:56)

I ran today at the Magic Fountain. Legend has it that the Magic Fountain’s origin was as a landing pad for ancient visitors coming to the Corpus Christi Bay to surf. Even today, the circular fountain, too perfect to have been built by humans, surrounds a large, empty field of green. Waiting. All these thousands of years, waiting. If you come late at night when the moon is full and stand perfectly still, sometimes you can hear it – the snore of a homeless guy sleeping by the buffalo statue. A magical place indeed. I ran 4 miles there (12:56). A close encounter with a 4-year-old who zigged when I zagged, but he didn’t appear to be from another land. Maybe Portland. Ran with Mark Linkous. Anytime you’re hot and don’t feel like running, Sparklehorse is the answer. You realize no matter how much you’re suffering, you’re not suffering as much as he was. Of course, he killed himself. Epiphanies are where you find them, I suppose …


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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