4 miles (12:03)

i have the gilligan theme stuck in my head. life isn’t fair. speaking of which, i don’t get it. american pharoah runs a mile and a half and everyone gets all excited. we run THREE miles, TWICE as far, and nothing. we should probably proceed with the plan to add monkey jockeys for all runs. or at least when they’re not working at tony’s.  it was another 90 degree day on the ray track. 24 furlongs (12:03). i’m going to try to run a lot at 12:00 pace to see if i can lock it in. not sure if having a monkey on our heads will hurt or help. i’m hoping it provides some lovely shade and is respectful of bathroom breaks only in designated areas (not that WE ARE). bonus incentive: i looked it up, and no runner with a monkey on his or her head has EVER won the triple crown. guinness book, here we come. mmmm, guinness …


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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