5 miles (14:33)

continuing the process of elimination in establishing what the problem is, i tried a ridiculous amount of coffee and ate an expired GU for today’s run (5 miles, 14:33). no luck. still can’t breathe. current working theory is that the Indian dancers are mad about me taking video of them a while back and stealing their souls, so they have put the voodoo curse on me. if indeed Indian dancers dabble in voodoo. or cha-chas. i am testing the gluten-free mambo for tomorrow’s outing, having ingested nothing today but 320 ounces of Boost, two diet cokes and a bug during the run. i hope bugs are gluten-free. we shall see. if this doesn’t work, maybe a nice bundt cake for the dancers is next.


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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