4 miles (14:07)

today totally sucked. 4 miles (14:07) on magic fountain course. it was food truck friday, so people were eating along the course and i was hungry. hot. windy. jogged tailwind, walked headwind, swore off running forever. saving grace was snow come at the end. i ordered GU flavor but person thought i said BLUE. and that’s just wrong. AND i saw no monkey. oh well. tomorrow is a brand new day.

side note: buying slush monkey on way home yesterday. kid, maybe 10 years old, in front of me got the 84-ounce margarita monkey (the lemonade you were craving). in checkout line, he asked the clerk if it contained alcohol. no, the clerk said. oh, the kid replied and walked out, shoulders slumped. life is a never-ending series of disappointments …


About gary

no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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