6 miles (13:03)

it was quiet downtown today. and that’s news. i finished 6 miles on the jesus etc course (13:03) and stopped by kspace to drop off pretzels and choco milk for mo.  it’s eerie. the nonstop 100-decibel soundtrack coming from crawdaddy’s has gone silent. i guess he died a day or two ago. there’s a notice and a flower wreath on the closed door. how many times have i heard hotel california blaring from that place and wished it would stop? not it has, and i miss it terribly. our reporter asked his daughter why he played stairway to heaven so often. he liked it, she replied. i guess the crawdaddy sountrack was like a hard run. it seems to go on forever and you just want it to stop. then it does, and you wish it would start again. will they continue the music after a period of mourning? and will stairway to heaven still be in the rotation? and are my legs really supposed to be this tired? i don’t know. all i know is that something touched me deep inside. the day the music died.

now i want pie.


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