5 miles (11:27)

after an hour of running with living colour today, it’s still indecisive whether they address the church of laurentology, but i am now certain elvis is dead. 5 miles (11:27) on the jesus etc course. annoyingly enough, strava says i ran a 10:03, which is my fastest mile in the New World. if i had known i was that close, i could have gone sub-10 at last. dammit. of course that was with the tailwind, but whatever. died as usual on the 2.5 miles back into the wind, and lost interest eventually before picking up a bit at the end. but much suffering and faster leg turnover and wonderfully random guitar solos by mr. vernon reid, so a fine day was had by all. except maybe elvis, who as it turns out is dead. i might have mentioned that already.


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