3 miles (11:27)

i always marveled at people who could recall the exact moment they discovered religion. and then it happened to me.

i was standing on the edge of the w.b. ray high school fighting texans track, having just finished a decidedly mediocre workout. i wondered why i even bothered. then the prophet fleshman came to me in a vision, saying simply, “trying hard matters.” life suddenly made sense. it stuck with me throughout the evening, and this morning i realized i found my religion at last. i have  become a Laurentologist. i ordered my “lauren fleshman is my homeboy” t-shirt (only 35 bucks for a 50/50 shirt? how can they be that cheap?)  i bookmarked her blog. i bookmarked her other blog. i spent most of the morning reading her philosophy and life story. “you can’t dream properly in a spreadheet.” amen.  i am searching for picky bars. i may hold off on the oiselle bun huggers for a bit. but i’m in. the church of laurentology. was that a living colour song? i returned to the track today and ran 3 miles (11:27). nothing like a track for getting back on track. it wasn’t fast, but at least i tried. and that matters. thanks, homeboy.


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2 Responses to 3 miles (11:27)

  1. JustaJester says:

    If this doesn’t work out for you, I can recommend a good laryngologist.


  2. gary says:

    when has one of my schemes ever not worked out???????


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