4 miles (12:23)


g — one day after swearing off the heart rate monitor forever, i went out today with the heart rate monitor. continuing to experiment with how to drop down just enough to recover on the run while still maintaining speed. how could i have completely forgotten this? duh. clinical analysis no doubt marred by eating panda yesterday, but interesting. and a rare day in which the course wasn’t underwater. upside: remarkable to think that at the start of the year i was averaging a paltry 12:30 mile, and after a half year of daily training, i’ve dropped all the way to a 12:30 mile. this stuff is really paying off!!!! 4 miles, church loop (12:23, 127, 177). note to self: eat breakfast tacos AFTER the run. this stuff is more complicated than the brochure would lead you to believe. still, i guess things could be worse…


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One Response to 4 miles (12:23)

  1. pscapp says:

    I don’t get the whole heart rate/monitor thing. I’m too old school. As long as mine (heart that is,) is beating I’m happy.


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