5 miles (12:35)


5 miles (12:35) on surfing jesus route. i was about a mile in when a guy i’ve never seen before, super strong, stopped me to ask if i knew the distance. like did beethoven know anything about rolling over? i explained that it was about a mile from the magic fountain to selena. of course YOU know that’s a bit off, but he looked kinda heat strokey and i wasn’t sure he’d understand the little line just past halley’s comet. he just looked at me, wondering what a selena was. then on the second half, there he was again. i patiently explained it’s a mile from selena to surfing jesus. same blank stare. THE HUGE JESUS ON A SURFBOARD!!!! i’m glad i didn’t explain the manhole cover. those PSAs are right. never, ever talk to strangers.


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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