5 miles (11:54)

well, THAT sucked. was supposed to be six 880s, but i only made it through 3 before crying uncle. 5:08, 5:52, 6:07. then sort of a tempo limpo survival shuffle thing for the last couple of miles. upside: that’s a mile and a half in zone 5, which i didn’t even know was possible. zone 5 is a scary place to live. definitely in a gear i haven’t used forever. so that was fun. and strava says i had a 10:11 mile in there somewhere, which is pretty great for me these days. downside: after three reps, i just didn’t have anything left. was it the heart or the legs or my will to live? not sure. but great fun to suffer, and i sill felt fine running. sort of. just couldn’t push hard enough to get back to zone 5. oh well. overall total was  5 miles (11:54), including the warmup and walks and shuffles and blackouts. whose idea WAS this?


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