4 miles (12:19)

ominous sign: rich people have set up traps on their sidewalk in an effort to snare me and transfer me to a less desirable neighborhood. fortunately i was able to find a stick to scooch (yes, scooch could be a real word) the oreo over to me without getting caught. 4 miles (12:19) on the church loop, a godsend because it blocks most of the hurricane. i think i figured out what was screwing up heart rate. listening to jim o’rourke. a dose of the ever so conventional jackson browne brought hr back around, although i wanted to kill myself after the third song. nobody said running was supposed to be easy. well, i probably did, but i also said the Teletubbies were real and apparently a recent study in sweden has cast doubt upon that. bring on POD!!!!!!!


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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