3 miles (13:28)


i think i finally died during today’s run. you know it’s a bad run when haley joel osment is the only person on the course who can see you. body super sluggish, which i assume is a sure sign i no longer am among the living. what does this mean? i know not, other than i am a bit less confident that the next eight weeks of 5k training will lead me to a world record. death, maybe. on the bright side, i spent the morning hanging out with baptist church cub scouts at a race aid station, so maybe i’ll go to heaven, if heaven has medium chocolate frosties. if not, never mind. 3 miles (13:28). just when you think it can’t get worse …

side note: if your alternator warning light comes on, field testing suggests that ignoring it may not be the best strategy. i’m sort of glad this didn’t happen midway between austin and burnet.



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