4 miles (12:32)

4 miles (12:32) on the stinking magic fountain loop for the last time ever. i’m switching to church loop, where the wind doesn’t come sweeping down the plains. yesterday i ran a warmup, then 880 intervals, then a cooldown, and averaged 12:30. today i ran consistently in zone 2 and averaged 12:30. i’m starting to hate 12:30.

side note: while feeling sorry for myself during today’s run, i came across this couple. they were just barely moving along, hand in hand. a reminder that it’s not the speed that’s important, it’s the journey. they never let go of each other’s hand, at least till i wedged my way between them because they were hogging the sidewalk. i win.

son of side note: um, 32 days straight and three consecutive weeks of racing? may be time for an intervention. or a prickly pear.


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