4 miles

we ran 4 miles on the jesus etc. course, one of us slowing considerably again so we could run together. we coasted along on cruise control, taking about our knees and our marathon plans and last night’s concert. we talked about how the week was going and the upcoming tony’s schedule and yesterday’s lunch. we cursed the wind and made weather forecasts and discussed what exactly the difference is between six and seven. we talked about dumb stuff you get to talk about when you have a bunch of hours over the course of a week to talk. sometimes we were quiet, the sort of quiet you feel comfortable with when you’ve spent enough time together that it doesn’t  matter. and then we made plans to do it again tomorrow for one last time. as i drove home, i couldn’t stop thinking about how much i’m going to miss it.


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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