4 miles

“most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second,” said the prophet william james. i don’t know if he ever ran into the wind in cc. today was one of those tests. we had a choice of running small loops and breaking it up, or being blown down the road by the tailwind for 2 miles and then back into the abyss for the final 2. the memorial for the beloved police chief was at the turnaround and we were curious, so we opted to suffer. the run blew by for the first 2 miles. why do you never notice the tailwind? there were a million police cars at the memorial. yes, we counted. i pondered that this would be the perfect time to rob a liquor store, but i don’t like liquor and it was way too hot for a ski mask. we stopped for a photo op with the chalk drawings, which are still going strong.

we agreed that a magic fountain isn’t really magic when it’s not a fountain. we wondered if the buffalo statue was facing a different direction. wasn’t that the reagan administration that flipped the coin? and then the wind.

headwinds just suck the soul out of you. a pounding, never-ending taunt. a test. i guess they’re good training, in that you tuck them away and when things get tough you think to yourself, “sure, i’m being chased by a pack of rabid hyenas and my gu just burst in my shorts pocket, but it’s not as bad as that time we ran into the wind.” and still, it’s great to spend time with a running buddy you’ll never see again. every mile is special. we talked and suffered and laughed and suffered and watched the world go by at 12 minute miles as we continued the little mambo that will eventually end in a goat cha-cha. but not today.

“pain is inevitable. suffering is optional,” haruki murakami said, but i’m not sure suffering is a bad thing when you share it with a friend. after 4 miles, we were still laughing and shaking our heads at how silly this was. and surfing jesus heard our prayers and gave us a tailwind home. the chief’s death is a reminder that you never know if you’ll be around long enough to have a second wind. i’m glad we got to share the first one.

no way a little wind is more annoying than us …


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One Response to 4 miles

  1. JustaJester says:

    Jester’s strategy: Break the wind before it breaks you.


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