3.1 miles (11:44)


“run only if you must,” dr. sheehan said. “if running is an imperative that comes from inside you and not from your doctor. otherwise, heed the inner calling to your own Play. listen if you can to the person you were and are and can be. then do what you do best and feel best at. something you would do for nothing. something that gives you security and self-acceptance and a feeling of completion; even moments when you are fused with your universe and your Creator. when you find it, build your life around it.” 3.1 miles (11:44) on the magic fountain course, playing the entire way. i hope heaven has a heartbreak hill. dr. sheehan wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. we should probably find a race this weekend.

side note: odd to think you’ll miss a place you’ve never even visited. bye, tiny library. thanks for giving the library lady her first chapter …



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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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