4 miles (11:54)

she’s riding a bike. sorta. mostly she’s wearing a helmet and enough safety gear to feel comfortable at a baltimore riot. she’s out to ride her bike with dad. and she’s scared.  she walks next to it while dad pushes. she gets up on it carefully while dad hangs on, then pedals tentatively. she’s got training wheels, but it’s still a long way down to the unforgiving sidewalk. and then dad lets go. she glances over, and then she’s pedaling on her own. but not really. dad’s right next to her, just in case. because cycling, like life, and like running, is a team sport. as long as you have someone there to lean on just in case, it’s going to be ok. never be afraid to take the leap. and never forget you’re not leaping alone.  4 miles on the jesus etc. loop (11:54). just killing time waiting for the race. i need streamers.


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