4 miles (12:37)

listening to zack de la rocha doesn’t make you an anarchist. reading edward abbey doesn’t make you an environmental activist. watching the marx brothers doesn’t make you a marxist. running doesn’t make you a runner. and being doesn’t make you a beer. i came to terms with these sad facts as i slogged through another day of humidity. 4 miles (12:37) on jesus etc. saw Fast Guy both directions. felt good in that “i could run 12:30 all day” kinda way. we’ll see. why did i go my entire life without sawing off a single parking meter? sad. in my defense, i ran through all the pedestrian crossings today without waiting for the light. i’m a rebel …

side note: trail monkey came along for test run today. he’s STILL way faster than me.


About gary

no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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