3.4 miles (12:11)

we had the world’s worst thunderstorm today (except for one in malaysia in 1935 that was only an exhibition event and so doesn’t count in the official records.) but upon sage advice of vrb, i did the No-Rain Cha-Cha, and things cleared up. i’m almost certain my uterus didn’t fall out during the run, although i’m not sure i’d know if it landed in a puddle. the carnival is taking over the phil jackson route. funny. they’re all wearing bright shirts with SAFETY FIRST in huge letters. which makes me wonder: just what happened to inspire this? likely an unfortunate incident involving a flying uterus on the tilt-a-whirl. terrible 3.4 miles (12:11) (side note: i don’t think we have 3.4 trademarked yet. please contact the legal team.) mo fed me SIX slices of white bread yesterday and i couldn’t breathe today. i believe the field testing is complete. oh, well. any day you’re not killed by lightning is a good day …


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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