3.1 miles (11:39)


g — i had two root beers (diet, not the hard stuff — i was out of diet coke and drained mo’s stash while she wasn’t looking) last night, so i was still feeling the effects today. day 2 of selena fest meant another fourth of july course, with 800,000 people at the statue on one end and 800,000 at the festival on the other. i listened illegally for a while (organizers apparently didn’t realize you could just stand at the 4-foot chain-link fence and look over). i wasn’t wearing my glasses, so i’m not sure if selena was on the stage or not. but it may have been her if she’s a 30-something guy. i’m not judging. if you can make the buc-ee shirt and sequin pants combo work, i’m all for it. i committed what may or may not have been a serious felony, chatted up a stranger from the Valley about why he couldn’t get a ticket and why they would only allow 5,000 people in when there was clearly an empty spot in the grass right in front of us across the fence, and got nailed by a Taser for the first time. at first i was concerned, but it didn’t seem to affect the garmin after all. and my quads feel revitalized. run was easy 3.1 (11:39). i hope 10 o’clock society is covered under the trademark and i haven’t committed a felony. a reminder that running 3 0r 4 a day may be the answer. thank god it’s not just two weeks to pandora. and now i will be forced to drink mo’s stash of shiner black for field research. dammit.


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