6 miles

so i’m out running my 10 miler, which as it turns out is only a 6 miler when there’s a 25 mph wind. i run past the selena statue, which makes me think about a story today that someone plans to make a selena hologram, which will then go on tour. i’m almost certain i’m not making that up. as i turn into the wind, i realize this is EXACTLY what we need. garth and jasmine running holograms!!!! running is the most fun thing in the world. the only problem is that there’s so much running involved. with running holograms, we could still run the tailwinds and downhills while sending out the holograms to do the dirty work. maybe even a hologram goat, although i’m not sure if they much care about wind. and of course expired hologram gu. the selena hologram guys are kickstarting to get the funds, but i figure we can just avoid all that formality and instead use a small portion of the enormous Tony tip fund, with money left over for prickly pear beer. which would go great with hologram crackers. they’re aiming for $500,000, but we already have our sequined bustiers, so i’m guessing $18.50 should be plenty. damn. hologram trail monkeys. $27.34. then we can just sit back and enjoy the virtual miles. in between tour stops with hologram selena, of course. hologram hundred, here we come …


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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