5 miles (12:00)

g — i wonder where I’ll be in a year
probably be sittin right here
but if you know the answer
don’t tell me anyone
i don’t wanna know

the prophet roger clyne wrote that. he sang it to me for the millionth time today as i went plowing into a 25 mph headwind. that kind of wind where you don’t have to worry about tripping since the wind will just keep you upright. i think about my 5 miles at a 12 minute pace today and how it’s just about the same as a year ago. and where will i be in a year? probably sitting right here. and i guess that’s ok. but if you know the answer don’t tell me. the course was crawling with high school students today. must be uil season or something. hundreds of 16 year olds carrying their fancy shoes and walking barefoot. why are fancy shoes never comfortable? this is likely why i never owned any. highlight of the day was the bus from georgetown, my old stomping grounds. the kids were coming all the way to the coast, and what was the highlight of the trip for them? buc-ee’s. lil buc-ee would be so excited. an ok day, i guess. to the point where i can phone in 5 miles, although a lot of times i just get an answering machine. the kids all text these days anyhow. just another day to wonder. thanks, roger. here’s to life …


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