10 miles (12:11)

  sometimes you’re out running in the wind and it sort of sucks and you have to do 10 miles and you don’t want to and you’re feeling a blister coming on because you’re wearing IMG_1187-0these stupid shoes that you haven’t worn forever because they give you a blister in that spot but you totally forgot so you’re going to be running 4 more miles going ow ow ow and you just want to quit and become a professional bongo player and  and then from out of nowhere, if nowhere is a place called spotify, the opening rift of  “alex chilton” comes wailing through the headphones and you’re dancing along even though you’re a reformed southern baptist and this will doom you to hell and you’re doing the hand motions on the chorus and screaming along with westerberg in the middle of an empty street and for three minutes and 30 seconds  the world is a perfect place and then the song ends and you remember the blister and you turn into the headwind but you no longer care. i’m in love. what’s that song? i’m in love with that song. 10 miles (12:11).


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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