13.1 miles


totally crappy race. beats me. set out to run 12’s, which was fairly conservative given recent training. 11:33, 12:31 and 11:44, then wheels just fell off. which is probably for the best since i think wheels are prohibited in most races anyhow. best moment in race: i clearly was toast after 4. I just didn’t have it and totally didn’t want to play. there was a fork in the road. go left and you can finish 10k. go right and you’re stuck with the half. i thought to myself: WWJD (what would jenny do?) i went right. i strolled, i moseyed, a sashayed. i did pretty much everything but run. but it was a nice day and a wacky course, so what the heck. if bad runs build character, i’m quite a character indeed. crossed the finish, had a beer, swore off running forever this time i’m serious screw this, then drove home plotting how to train smarter in the coming week. dammit. thank god one of us totally crushed it. big takeaway: never, ever stop midrace to drink wine with a monkey.


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2 Responses to 13.1 miles

  1. JustaJester says:

    Hearty congrats to J for a glorious first HM and to G for ignoring his demons at the 10K turnoff and opting for more character-building. But heaven help us if he becomes even MORE of a character…


  2. gary says:

    thanks, el senor. i asked jenny before the race what time she was shooting for, and she said sub2. then she ran 1:59.33. i think she’s figuring it out.


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