5 miles (11:06)

so i’m looking at an old race results list that came up on twitter. the fourth-place finisher has the same name as a guy who won the western states 100 a couple of times. matzi the younger asks if that’s the same guy. i go exploring and find a story from a few years back about the guy running with his daughter and a horse in a ride-and-tie. it’s a long race (35 miles in this case) in which two people and a horse cover the distance as quickly as they can. you can swap out at any time. i’m thinking it would be fun to try. i did one with my ex and a bicycle once. may or may not be why she left me. downside: bicycle poop everywhere. so then i go out running 5 (11:06 in test run with marlys) on the bayfront. there in front of me is a miniature horse. a sign? signs are not to be trifled with. all we need now is a racing goat …


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