20 miles (12:42)

i (gasp) actually completed a long run. crowd stands in shocked amazement. it went better than i expected. incredible day to run, with spring break and st. patty’s day festivities colliding on one little sidewalk. i was stampeded by a 5k, captivated by rotc drills, chased by puppies, attacked by four-wheel buggies and serenaded by musicians singing BOTH juan dinero and wilbert nelson. what more could you ask for in a run? i felt pretty good. 13.1 split was just 3 minutes off my january race, and overall it felt great till about 16, when reality whacked me a few times. shuffled in to 20 ok  i’ve been desperately needing a solid long run, having somehow missed the last eight or so. this one was it. yay! 20 miles (12:42).

sidenote: snow cone stand was finally back in business today, and i was packing zero money. dammit.

ps sometimes heroes come running by with jaunty hats and feet that don’t touch the ground at all. that’s when you remember why you love this stuff so much. i need that hat.


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