weird day (like it was friday the 13th or something). it was rest day, so I strolled a couple of miles on the magic fountain loop with mo. disturbing lack of gas. left knee hurt, no energy, total blah. good sign, yah? then we sat on the bench for a while and assured some guy he could park on the bayfront all night even though we didn’t really know. then we went to the surf club for fish and chips and nachos and jalapenos, because god forbid i should attempt a long run without a bellyful of flames. then we noticed a band doing a soundcheck and went outside. then we waited 7 hours for them to start. then a group of hash house harriers came running through in formation with a beer mug flag. then a bunch of Fancy People came in and mo realized we were nearly naked. so we went home and put on formal wear (long pants) and came back. then the band played and they were pretty good even if they played a juan dinero song and no wilbert nelson. then we came home and i made peanut butter cookies so i can be a jerk for a week and get away with it. and now i’m exhausted.



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