5 miles (13:30)

coffee? pfffft. three words: Mountain Dew Slush Monkey. although that could be four words. missed the jenster math camp. i was running the usual magic fountain route when i had the brilliant idea to run over harbor bridge. Worst Idea Ever. what you don’t realize driving it is just how TINY the pedestrian lane is. there’s a 3-foot tall cement barrier between you and the semi trucks passing 2 feet away at 70 mph on one side, and a little 4-foot tall barrier on the right that is supposed to keep you from plunging to your death when the blowback from the semi knocks you around. and the path is so narrow that i kept impulsively pulling in my elbows. (and, yes, we need a sign to tell us that the road may get icy when it’s cold. who knew?) but i ran through the old architecture in the area and basked in a glorious 75 and sunny day that the chamber of commerce dreams of. 5.5 miles of pointless meandering and sightseeing at 13:30 pace — exactly what running should be. a joy, a celebration, a parade in skechers. should probably shoot up more slush monkey ..



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