8 miles (12:18)

8 miles (12:18, 128) on the jesus etc. course, which has accidentally turned into a pretty great place to run. three lanes of nothing, pretty much exactly a mile one way. on one end, Surfing Jesus and the Magic Manhole. on the other end, Selena, who is pretty much the Virgin Mary in cowboy boots with a crazy stalker. though i’m not really up on my new testament, having severed my catholic ties years ago since i find ties with little handpainted popes on them to be kind of creepy. they say running on the road theoretically isn’t much different than sidewalk. they must not have knees, because i’m definitely feeling better on the road.  sources tell me today is National Kite Day (sources may have made this up), so naturally it’s the first day all week in which there was No Wind At All. bad for kites, but a merciful reprieve for runners. it went by easily, so maybe that’s a sign i’ll survive tomorrow. or maybe a sign i was still drunk. speaking of, when’s dinner? ominous note: tomorrow’s forecast calls for noah’s ark rain (although i’m not really up on my old testament despite it not requiring me to wear ties with handpainted popes.) and gym not open, so …


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