5 miles (12:27)


 you never forget where you were when you learn of a tragedy. i was on the carport playing with my train (um, it was a sick day!) when Ma came out crying that jfk had been shot. i was at the newspaper watching the tv coverage when challenger exploded. i was asleep when ma called to tell me to turn on the tv because something terrible was happening (the trade center was on fire.) and i was eating a turkey on flatbread at the subway when i learned that my vrb prefers johnny cash over willie nelson. luckily i had already gotten my 5 miles (12:27, 134) in. what can you do when overcome with heartbreak? you pull up your mormon panties and soldier on.

sidenote: i once had a master mix farm hat signed by mr. willie nelson. my brother covered him in odessa and took me along. got to go up on stage and meet him. i gave it to the curly-haired kid as proof that i’d never leave her. and then i did. she declined to give the hat back.


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