5 miles (12:32)

j no way was i venturing outside when it was only 63. ok, it’s the damn wind. ok, maybe you do since you only left a few months ago. but it was in the 25 mph neighborhood, and that’s not a good place to live. so i went to the gym although it’s not really a gymnasium but just a strip mall building with annoying bodybuilders and a kid next to me wearing converse sneaks and running 7 minute pace. i hate kids. 5 miles (12:32, 131) snooze. i’m telling you i’m warming up to this treadmill thing. and i don’t think the tm would fit through your window anyhow. may will be here before you know it! unless you know it before may, in which case never mind. and no, matthew mcconaughey could never ever ever in a million years be micah true. jenn shelton, maybe.


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