5 miles (11:49)

sadly, allowing yourself to compare anyone to the beloved mark ruffalo has caused your expulsion from the ruffalo riders fan club. please turn in your membership card and complimentary bark ruffalo puppy on the way out thank you. i ran on the bay loop today, braving the extremememememe temperatures, which never climbed above SIXTY TWO FREAKING DEGREES DEAR GOD HOW DO ESKIMOS DO THIS SORRY I FORGOT YOU CANNOT CALL THEM ESKIMOS ANYMORE DEAR GOD HOW DO THE PEOPLE WE USED TO CALL ESKIMOS BUT CANNOT ANYMORE DO THIS ANYHOW? of course you don’t hear of that many great eskimo marathoners. and why all this talk about your calves when you are supposed to be investigating the goats? my run went ok.  5 miles (11:49, 130). definitely the gluten dammit. i ran with pace based on the heart rate monitor, resulting in exactly the same time i would have had without it. ah, technology. first pavement run with marlys. way lighter than ernie pook, and not in a good way. much pounding. bad idea. think marlys will be a track and dirt specialist. off to decode secret messages with my mark ruffalo decoder ring now …


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