The local paper’s running columnist wrote something about minimalist shoes in today’s paper. I was designing the page, so I saw the headline. Apparently miminamlism is bad, although I didn’t have time to actually read the column. Like we read the stuff that goes into the paper. And the NYT had an interesting story on the maximalist movement a couple of days ago. Maximalism is bad. Best quote, as always, came from Lauren Fleshman: “There is no shoe savior coming for us.” I think she’s hurt again, so she’s likely just bitter. But as I listen to the wind howl outside during rest day before the long run, I think about the last quote in the story, from Oregon biochemist Jay Dicharry: “Of course what’s on your feet is important. But there is a lot of evidence to show that people who spend more time improving their bodies as opposed to shopping for shoes are the ones who are going to run better.” I guess that’s my takeaway. Marlys will arrive today by UPS, but it won’t matter. What matters are me and my legs and getting in 16 miles this weekend. They’re just shoes.


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