10 miles (13:14)

gumbo and i decided today that we all must get woodway curves. it’s the world’s coolest treadmill. no motor. we must collaborate. she is going to look for a fitness rehab place that has one so she can do a field test. i will check around for various places from which we can order. all you must do is forward me the $15,000. they cost $5,000 each, which always struck me as odd given that they don’t even have a motor. but science is science and goldfish are a silly pet, so who am i to judge? they say you can’t buy friendship, but likely that’s just because they don’t want to cough up the 5,000 bucks.

10 lessons from today’s trail run (10 miles, 13:14 pace.)

1. i need to make the long runs longer and the hard runs harder and the hard crashes softer. i have no idea what i was thinking, other than that the hallmark movie in which the woman steals her best friend’s fiance at the rehearsal dinner and then makes amends by giving her a cupcake the next day doesn’t seem that realistic. major plan tweaking ahead.
2. trail run weekends are a lot of fun. i forget that sometimes. the run texas guys put on a great party. we must go to more of their gigs. joe who?
3. you can’t hold babies by their ankles. as if they come with a manual.
4. specificity of training is essential. need more rocks and climbs and rocks and climbs. and rocks and climbs. and climbs and rocks. just to mix things up.
5. if you’re running at the back of the pack, you’re still in the pack. that’s the important thing. the pack doesn’t care.
6. gumbo is TOTALLY in on the evil plan for 2016. totally. 2016 is going to be fun.
7. bucee’s doesn’t have pizza. this just seems wrong. please talk to tony. i see an opportunity for you as the texas bucee pizza coordinator.
8. bucee’s DID have a trailer full of adorable goats in the parking lot, which made it a bit uncomfortable buying barbecue sandwiches. i wonder what a cabrito is, anyhow?
9. if you buy a hot fudge sundae in odem, don’t expect it to come with hot fudge. life is a series of crashing disappointments.
10. overall, training seems to be working. both you and i are getting stronger.  13:14 pace on muddy singletrack felt fine. good sign. 12 weeks to go! this could work. thanks, vrb.


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