5.3 miles, 1:24.56 (16:02-141)

I went out for a run. I got a parade.

As I walked through the parking lot to get to the start line, I wondered why anyone would be out in this heat other than disturbed runners. And then I heard them.

The Hindu peeps whose church is next door to us were having a parade. As it turns out (thanks, wikipedia!), today was the celebration of ┬áRatha Yatra or Ratha Jatra or Chariot Festival, a Hindu festival associated with Lord Jagannath. The Hindu religion is sort of complicated, and I’m not sure I understand it. But they had a really cool chariot (which ties in to the god being celebrated). They chanted and sang and played tambourines as they shut down traffic on a busy street. It was perfect.

There are religions that stay inside air-conditioned theaters, going through the motions. And there are religions where they take it to the street, wearing heavy clothing in 100-degree heat to celebrate. I will never understand people who think there’s only one valid religion. I bet they don’t own a tambourine.

Once I made it out of the traffic jam, it was an OK day. Just staying in the zone. I’m loving the mad dog loop. Drinking a ton of water, trotting a little the first mile, then death march at the end. The way running should be. 108 by the end of the run. Soul cleansed, mind happy. Best Ratha Yatra day ever.

5.3 miles, 1:24.56 (16:02-141)
10 a.m., mad dog, 102
14:19, 15:52, 16:02, 16:28, 17:07, 5:08

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5.4 miles, 1:22.35 (15:18-138)

I think the guy on twitter said it best. Sigue Jim Walmsley en cabeza de la ws100 en tiempos de record tras haber completado ya el primer tercio de carrera. Goooooooo!!!!!

Running while following the Western States leaderboard is a good mental exercise, a reminder that suffering is relative. 15:18 pace puts me solid mid-pack. I even went over my bridge with no hands. Tres haber completado indeed.

Sometimes when you go looking for something, you find something else entirely. That’s what happened to me today. And maybe that’s the point of looking in the first place. Everything felt fine. It’s OK to chase jackrabbits. It’s all in the cabeza.

Go, Walmsley! And maybe stay on the damn course this time.

5.4 miles, 1:22.35 (15:18-138)
9:45 a.m., mad dog, 93
14:14, 14:44, 15:18, 15:38, 15:53, 6:48
148, 0.71

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4 miles, 1:04.06 (16:00-139)

Heat is funny. Today’s temperature was a blissful 10 degrees cooler than Wednesday, but it felt just as hot. Maybe once you go over 90 it’s all relative. Or maybe it’s my SpongeBob Fleece Workout Suit. Polito always said it’s better to look fast than be fast.

Another futile effort to keep the heart rate at 134 or below. I tried shuffling rather than sidling, and I think that’s going to work better. Plus it gives me that old man street cred. Schedule calls for 3 miles but I went 4. I think as long as I’m going this slow I might as well tack on a little extra mileage. Plus, 2 miles out is an icy water fountain. Now if I could only find an Icee fountain on the course.

All in all, a good day. It was fun, and I think I read somewhere once that that’s supposed to be the point. Downside: Garmin says this run will require a 3.5 day recovery. Running is complicated …

4 miles, 1:04.06 (16:00-139)
10 a.m., mad dog, 93
15:03, 15:42, 16:23, 16:53
145, 0.69

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It seemed like a good idea. I’m working an earlier shift, so I could finish up, go home, prop my feet up for a minute, and then go out for a run around 11 p.m. This strategy worked flawlessly right up till the last part.

I was working for the Reno paper. All I had to do was wait around till the Universit of Nevada basketball player (never trust someone named “Cam”) was drafted. How long could that take? As it turns out, most of my adult life. He went two rounds and nothing. Signed as a free agent afterward. This is EXACTLY why I hate basketball. Plus I’m uncoordinated and can’t dribble unless it involves a Medium Chocolate Frosty. The result: I ended up staying too late to run, and he is doomed to eternity in hell with the Houston Rockets.

Takeaway: Always run before work. Always.

Yikes. Forecast says heat wave will continue. Maybe I should run late tomorrow ….

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3 miles, 47:53 (15:57-132)

I wore the hydration vest today. I came up with a theory that drinking could be a good thing on days when the starting temp is over 100. The vest allows me to carry two bottles and drink during the run. It seemed to work pretty well. I hope the tequila doesn’t mess up the plastic bottles. Just working to stay in the 124-134 zone. miles is miles.

3 miles, 47:53 (15:57-132)
11 a.m., mad dog, 104
14:59, 16:15, 16:36
145, 0.70
nb 1550

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3 miles, 53:15 (17:20-125)

sort of silly hot. best thing about running when it’s 115 is that it’s easy to get heart rate into target zone. worst thing is constant impending death. life is a series of compromises.

3 miles, 53:15 (17:20-125)
mesa arts center, 1:30 p.m., 115
16:30, 17:08, 18:19
137, 0.68
nb 1550

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at least now I have someone to blame

“Even if I strike out miserably, let’s say I go to the Portland Track Festival and I run a 1:55 and I’m this old, fat has-been running around the track. I love it. I love that. That’s a beautiful way for me to go out. Leaving everything I got on the track.”
— Nick Symmonds.

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